This Month's Masterclass - 

Clearing the Way to Declare Your Desires  

 Desires, Intentions, Wishes into Declarations.

Setting them free into the world of possibility so they can become reality. 

Oh, this is a juicy one. 

I needed to sit with the idea of this month's masterclass; it didn't come to me early on.  I think this is because there is so much hype around New Year's resolutions; people are on holiday and experimenting with what this year could bring.  It landed, and what a doosie it is going to be.  I'm excited!!

Welcome to this month's exclusive masterclass, where we revisit some of the material covered in the previous masterclasses, combining elements of each to support you in uncovering your deepest desires, setting crystal-clear intentions, and making powerful declarations that will propel you toward the life you crave.

What to Expect:

🌟 Discover Your Desires

Uncover the secret keys to your heart's desires.

  • 4 pillars of Desires
  • Desire Mapping: An exploration of what ignites your passion and purpose.
  • Uncovering why your desires are important to you

🚧Breaking Through Resistance and Blocks

Address the obstacles hindering your path to success. Explore effective strategies to clear resistance:

  • Clearing Statements Technique: Break down mental barriers with this powerful method.
  • Tapping Into Transformation: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release energy blocks and emotional resistance.
  • Belief Change Hypnotherapy recording: Download and regularly use this specially scripted recording that includes inner child work, processes to release emotional entanglements to past events, and rewriting story lines into positive, inspiring lessons to take into the future.  

📜 Making Declarations: The Art of Affirmations

Declare your desires to the universe with confidence. Learn the art of crafting affirmations that resonate:

  • Affirmation Design Workshop: Tailor affirmations that align with your intentions for maximum impact.
  • Daily Affirmation Rituals: Integrate affirmations seamlessly into your daily routine for continuous manifestation. Tips and ideas on creating meaningful rituals to anchor, remind and instil the power of decision-based change.  

Why Join the Masterclass?

  • Know your heart desires: Without knowing the end game, creating a life on purpose is much harder. Know what and why you desire

    • So you can say yes and no to invitations and distractions accordingly. 

    • Creates a microlens through which all things can checked against to keep you on target and aware.

    • You will learn practical ways to discover hidden desires in all areas of your life. 

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Leah, this masterclass offers insights, tools, and strategies for personal growth.

  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and build a supportive network.

  • Tools, strategies, and process: Learn the basics, and you can implement them every day of the year to actively, extend, refine, and declare different choices all year aligned with your bigger vision.

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